How To Transfer Funds Between Gcash and Unionbank Eon and Vice Versa

Good news! Now you can transfer funds from your Globe Gcash Wallet to your Union Bank Eon Account and vice versa! Here’s how:

Step 1. Before you can do this, you must have a Union Bank Eon Account. If you don’t have it yet, you can apply online and you can claim the card from the nearest Union Bank branch of your choice. Simply click on this link, Apply for Union Bank Eon Card Here, to apply for Union Bank Eon Cyber Account Debit Card Online.

Step 2. For those who don’t have a Gcash account yet, simply have a Globe SIM and enroll it in GCash by going to “SIM Services” or the like (depends on your phone).

Step 3. Next, you need to enroll your Globe mobile phone number and UnionBank Eon Account to eMoney Xchange, a service offered by UnionBank to account holders (savings and checking accounts only) whereby the account holder can transfer funds from a GCASH wallet to the enrolled UnionBank account and vice-versa via the Globe – UnionBank Mobile Banking facility. Just call the UnionBank Call Center at 84186 to enroll both accounts.

If you have already done all the first three (3) steps, then you’re just a text away to CASHING OUT YOUR GCASH and transfer it to your Union Bank Eon Account!

Key in G2U_ and send to 2318. You will be required to key in your GCASH PIN. After the GCash system authenticates your GCASH PIN, the funds will be transferred to your enrolled UnionBank account.

UnionBank transfer fee is only P7.50 each transfer.

Now, to transfer funds from your Union Bank to Gcash:

Key in U2G_ and send to 2318. You will be required to key in your UNIONBANK MOBILE BANKING PIN. After the UnionBank Mobile Banking system authenticates your UNIONBANK MOBILE BANKING PIN, the funds will be transferred to your GCash Wallet.

Transfer fee for this transaction is P10.00.

That’s it!

As for balance inquiry, type BAL and send to 2318. This is P2.50 per balance inquiry.

For a detailed information: you can check out this link: http://www.unionbankph.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2033&Itemid=855.

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