Word of the Month: Bitterness

Bitterness Cycle

Bitterness Cycle

The word bitterness seems to be a household term for me and my student interns lately. I can still recall how everything started – it started when I shared some issues in my work/life with one of my students, Leah, then after the “sharing” she mentioned the word “bitterness” when she teased me about something “personal”.

At that instant, I realized that it’s the perfect term to refer to how I felt lately. Come to think of it, how come I haven’t thought of the word “bitterness” before? But who cares anyway? What matters is that, finally, I found the right word and it precisely describes my “emotional state” as of the moment.

I know it’s not healthy for me to dwell on this bitterness but I can’t help it. That’s what the “insensitive” people around me are causing. I felt so stressed that I feel like being drowned from this “nonsense”. What really bothers me is that how come after all the good things I have done, they can still manage to plot those “dark plans”.
crab mentality ni sir
Is that what they call “crab mentality”? I guess so, people will do anything and everything just to be on top but haven’t they realized that being there, without much sacrifices, will make them fall hard? Yeah, that’s right. I hope they’ll realize that when they fall, they will fall BIGTIME!

Ah, here’s comes the bitterness in me again…

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