Going To School For The First Time

My 3 1/2 daughter will finally go to school for the first time (officially) tomorrow and we are all so excited. TO prove her excitement, she tried on her school uniform and my husband and I had a hard time asking her to take them off (lol).
Well, what makes me sad that I won’t be here tomorrow morning to take her to the Day Care Center because I will be leaving early in the morning (5:00am) to go to work and will be back on Thursday. But hey! I guess I’ll just bear in mind that I’m doing it for her future and sacrifices has to be made. Anyway, there’s a camera to take her special moments as a first-timer student.

I know she will learn a lot because I’ve already proven several times that she’s a fast learner. I can even recall what I just saw earlier today in the T.V. where a gifted kid had learned to use basic functions of computer when he was five years old. I could not help but compare my daughter as she has learned playing Plants vs Zombies (PVZ) when she was 3 years old and 5months and just learned how to shut down my Neo Netbook, turn it on and navigate to where the shortcut for the PVZ is located.

I guess, she’s also that “gifted”, too! Go, Baby Tyke!

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