Can’t Log In To WordPress Dashboard in Google Chrome and Opera

I was browsing my WordPress blogs’ dashboards and my Facebook page, using both Opera and Google Chrome browser, earlier this afternoon when suddenly a notification flashed informing me that I need to log in again to continue what I was doing. Since it’s not that of a big deal, I gingerly logged my username and password. To my dismay, it keeps on bringing me to the log in page.

I’ve done what normal “people” have to do – I refreshed the page, logged in several times, but to no avail, I then closed both browser and reopened them again, attempted to logged in, but still, I can’t. I then cleared my cookies and my cache and my browsing history, restarted my computer then tried logging in once more, still I failed. Next, I tried uninstalling both Opera and Google Chrome, reinstalled them, opened my WordPress sites then attempted several times, but again, I can’t log in.

I tried seeking online help from forums and WordPress forums, but it didn’t do me any good. Now, I’m stuck with Mozilla FireFox. I don’t want to use Internet Explorer, although wordpress works fine with it. I’m just glad that Mozilla FireFox is working fine or else I’ll miss online opps today and God knows until when…

If you can suggest me something effective, would you be kind enough to tell me? Thanks! I just wish I knew something on fixing these problem or maybe like web development company suffolk?

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