Baby Tyke’s Chocolate Fun

While browsing Youtube, I happened to bump into the old videos I uploaded and watched each of them nostalgically, but what made me smile is when I see a video of my daughter eating her chocolate and she looked so hilarious. I took a screen shot of one of the “scenes” and decided to make it as an entry for a contest, Pinay Ads is giving away 6-pack Sqwishland capsule toy to two lucky winners!.

So here it is:
This was taken when she was 1-year-old (now she’s 3 1/2). Her aunt gave her an imported chocolate while she’s about to take a bath. Maybe she found the chocolate to be “so delicious” that she even don’t want to share it.

Whenever I see this scene, I can’t help but smile, which later turns into grin (now I’m grinning). Those were the days.

Now, aside from food, she’s also fond of toys, so each time I go home, which is once a week, I always see to it that I bring a toy or toys for her. This week, I’m bringing her an extra large Dora (the explorer) plush doll. Next week, I’m planning to buy her Sqwishland Virtual Pets, like the one posted below:
Sqwishland Toy Bracelet
Although this Sqwishland Soft ‘N Squishy Bracelet is not available yet, I’ll surely be looking forward to it when it will be out in the market because I’m sure my daughter will love it plus it’s soft and squishy that can’t cause sort of abrasions to her delicate skin. I hope it will be out sooner because I’m already excited to buy something like this for my daughter.

According to the description:

The cute soft and squishy bracelet can hold up to eight
Sqwishland pets that you can add anytime. What’s more, it includes one Sqwishland pet PLUS one Unbelievably Rare Sqwishlander exclusive to this product.

See? it’s not just a simple bracelet but has other purpose,too! Now, I’ll start collecting Sqwishland toys for my daughter.

Anyway, for those who are curious to see the full video of Baby Tyke’s Chocolate Fun, here it is:

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