Tutorials On How To Remove Watermarks From Images

Today, I’ve learned how to remove watermarks from images or photos in an easy and no sweat way without having to install any software in my computer. Because I want to share my knowledge, I am posting this comprehensive tutorial on how to remove watermarks “stamped” on an image that we usually find online.

Follow the simple steps below:

1. Go to – a free online image editor. Then select whether to “Open an Image from your Computer” or “Open Image from URL” and hit click it.


2. Then click the Clone Stamp Tool from the toolbox found at the left portion of the screen. It does look like a small stamp with an arrow in it and located beside a pencil tool.

3. After which, select a certain area from the image that has the same color of the area in the image where the watermarks are placed. For example, if the watermark is placed a light blue area of the image, choose a portion of the image that has the same color of that watermarked area. Then, press “Ctrl” and left-click.

4. Place the center of the Clone Stamp Tool over the area of the watermarked area. Left click once to begin painting over the area. You may need to redo the process several times to completely remove each portion of the watermark depending on how extensive the watermark is.

5. To make sure that you have completely removed the watermarks, try to zoom the image using the Zoom Tool that resembles a magnifying glass.

6. Repeat the process when necessary and that’s it!

Easy, right?!

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