The Pelican Brief Movie Review

After I finished reading The Pelican Brief novel by John Grisham, I decided to watch its movie version with the same title, The Pelican Brief. It was not as intense as the described events in the novel but in fairness to the producers of the movie, it did great in presenting the story. I mean, what do you expect when a 436-page novel will be filmed in a 120-minute movie?

Anyway, there were some minor changes in some of the scenes, like the way how Gavin Verheek died. Also, it was not shown in the movie when the main character, Darby Shaw (Julia Roberts) moved to New York, and look for a property to rent in york to hide from those who were chasing her because of the Pelican Brief she has “formulated”.

Overall, you will enjoy the movie if you haven’t read the novel because as for me, I kept on comparing it to the novel that I kept on expecting for more. Next stop? Absolute Power movie based on David Baldacci’s novel with the same title. Maybe, I’ll watch it tomorrow.

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