Rewarding My Daughter With Educational Toys

My daughter has started going to school last week and I am very proud to say that she’s doing not just good, but very good in her class. According to my husband, since he’s the one bringing our daughter to and from the school and attending to her daily needs (because I’m working at a different place), our daughter, Hattie Yashika, is always praised by her teacher because she stands out in the class and that she’s not the typical type of a child (of her age) that wails inside the classroom when left by their parents and that she’s not the shy-type, too!

When I got home last Saturday, I was very happy and proud of her when my husband showed me her paper where she colored the Philippine flag correctly and her teacher gave her five (5) stars! Likewise, I felt elated when I ask her the colors and she knew them.

As a reward, I bought her a new Barbie bag with Barbie pencil case and some educational wooden toys, where she could learn more and be as “bright” as she can be. I bet she’ll be doing much better in her class this week as I promised her something that she has been asking me to buy her.

Rewarding my daughter is one of my way to encourage to do better in her class and I hope she will grow up to be a bright child (like me…lol).

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