Passing Time: Reading The Donor by Frank M. Robinson

Today seemed to be one of those ordinary boring days at “work”. Oooops, I’m not referring to my interns as a boring company, it’s just that I’m bored because I’ve got nothing else to do to pass my time while I’m waiting for the time “off”.
The Donor
Well, I’m not that totally bored, I guess, as I was kind of “busy” reading a new novel by Frank M. Robinson, entitled, The Donor. It was not like those any other novels I read, which are about crime, mystery and psycho-related plot that kept me guessing until the end. Although, it’s some sort of psychopath businessman obsessed with his health that he’s willing to kill somebody just to keep his health intact, still, I don’t need to guess who’s who because it was some kind of revealed on the first few chapters.

According to my sister, who has already finished reading it months ago, the story line is good and that the ending is something that was not expected. Since, I’m still in the middle of the novel and hopefully I can finish reading it tomorrow, I’m expecting that I’d be surprised when I reached the last few pages.

To give you a background about the story of the novel, The Donor, here it is:

It is about Dennis Hellers, who was considered to be a walking spare parts bank by Max Krost, a billionaire businessman with Paschelke’s disease, an orphan disease. Krost just had a kidney and liver transplant, which he illegaly harvested from Hellers. Now, Krost is hunting Hellers because he badly needs a lung and heart transplant to survive his angina and his age-related diseases.

While Dennis Hellers is going from one place to another to hide from his “hunter”, giving up his personal things that will giveaway his true identity, like the “scrap my car” thing, he’s also trying to figure out who mercilessly harvested his vital organs. On the other hand, Krost’s son, Robert, is doing his own investigation to disclose his father’s secret of keeping his health into good shape.

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed and I hope I’ll not consider reading the novel a waste of time after all.

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