Preparing For The Next Duty Week

My student and I are all going home to Kabankalan City tomorrow, l which is more or less 2-3 hours travel time from Bacolod City, where they report for duty as interns in the Radiology Department of the Regional Hospital. Since, we are on our second week on Monday, May 16, 2011, we will be bringing important stuffs that are necessary to make our stay in our boarding house easy to live by.

We will be bringing electric fans, heaters, cooking wares, utensils,stove, hangers and other things that we might deem necessary. As for me, I need to bring plates, bowl, spoon and fork, hangers, my headset, extra shoes and belt, and of course, reading materials!

Well, I guess, I’ll be packing my things a little later because I am now dying to see my daughter, that’s why I’ll be catching the first bus trip at 5am today…I’ll just get some sleep on the bus…

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