Play Angry Birds Game Online on any Web Browser

For those of you who are fond of playing computer games, Play Angry Birds Game Free!whether online or offline, here’s a good news! The popular game Angry Birds can now be played on any web browser, may it be Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and the like totally Free without the need to install any software on your computer. Amazing, right!

As a fan of this challenging and fun game, Angry Bird, like Plants vs. Zombies, never ceases to entertain me especially during my boring days. You can directly play the game from this link, What’s more? You can still play the game even if your offline! Great!

The game is available in both SD version and HD version depending upon your internet connection. You can also get the Chrome extension of this game on Chrome web store. This is just the beta release of this game so only 63 levels of the original game is available, with an additional 7 special Chrome levels.

You can install the game by clicking this link:

Play Angry Birds Game Full Version, Free!

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