Part Time Business: Making Invitations

Having a single job today is not sufficient to support a family even you have only one child. As for me, since I’m the one working for our family and my husband is the one taking care of me when I get home and taking care of my daughter and her needs, having a full time job with an average income is simply not enough.

For this reason, I started searching for some other income-generating works to sustain our daily needs and wants, of course. Aside from blogging, doing paid reviews, ghost writing and doing other paid online tasks, I also do paper works, like term paper and thesis, for other people, especially for students.

Also, my husband and I are sometimes doing some shirt-printing, as well as, ID Lanyards. In some instances, I also make power point presentations for others, download music, movies and applications on phones and mp3 or mp4 players, burn movies and music. Furthermore, I have also experiences in making program invitations like birthdays and christening invitations. Even though, I am not that good in most of these areas, still I try to do so because it’s still money and I can learn a lot from the “trial and error” process.

Ah, the cost of living now a days is starting to get not so affordable that I have to always be on a tight budget. Hopefully, sooner, and not later, I can find a work with a much greener pasture.

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