Missing My Warfreak’s Rantings

Yes, I am still missing my other blog, Warfreak’s Rantings, which has expired almost a year ago and I was not able to renew my domain. I just remembered it now because I feel the need to rant, again. I think, I’m starting to make “ranting” my daily routine now…

Well, there’s nothing new in the subject of my ranting as, again, it still involves the people in my work. I know I’m starting to really hate them that I despise hearing their names. No, they have done nothing to harm me, at least physically, but emotionally? Ah, they have been bugging me a lot.

I don’t care if they’re aware of it but hello? Can’t they just do their work and never try to bother me with mine? They always say they are concern with the welfare of the students, don’t they experience “goosebumps” when they broadcast this? Hey, do you know what does your students (at least students under me) are doing or what do they need?Or at least do you have any idea how their uniforms or pins, or nameplates look like?

Common, let’s cut the crap here, you money-sucking leeches! You don’t care for the students. Be honest! And you keep on telling everyone that you’re “Christians” and that you want to transform lives by your so called “Christ-centered teachings?! Crap! A really BIG CRAP!

I think it’s better to shut your mouth and let your lazy assess get back to work, I mean REAL work! Oh, you’re giving me a headache again…Grrr….

What’s the use of letting me attend those sort of Personal Impact Training programs in a form of conventions or seminars if you’re still doingt the things I could’ve done?! You make me REALLY sick!

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