Just Another Manic Monday

Manic Monday is a popular song during the 80’s, specifically 1986, performed by then equally famous group called The Bangles, who is also responsible for the hit of the song Eternal Flame. You can still sometimes even hear the song aired over the radio and others have even searched for the lyrics of both songs online.

I just remembered the song because tomorrow is Monday, the first day of work for the week. Since, Most have already rested for two days (Saturday and Sunday), they are expected to have regained their energy and hopefully start the week with an enthusiastic mood. And this is what Manic Monday means. As Manic is a mood where you feel elated, as if it is the best moment of your life and that you’re full of energy and alive and vibrant!

Anyway, as for me, I seldom experience Manic Monday (unless it’s my birthday). Why? because I have Monday, for me, equals stressful day. So many things to accomplish, so little time to do so. If only Monday means going out on a vacation, holiday vacation, it would definitely be a Manic Monday for me!

If I will be given a chance I’d probably visit England and enjoy the Lake Park. I would also love to try the self catering lake district thing that the place offers. It would be so much fun that I will warmly welcome every Monday with a smile on my face and full of vibrancy! It would only be then that I can say,”It’s another Manic Monday”.

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