I Wish To Have a Remote Controlled Life

Yes, you read it right! I really wish to have a remote controlled life. If it can only happen it would not difficult for me to change and correct the wrong things or acts I have done. I can skip those sad moments that have certainly broke my heart and made me cry so hard to the point that I want to end my life and forward it to those times where I’m with my friends or with my family, spending time together happily, worrying for nothing and laughing our hearts out instead.

In addition, if I have a remote controlled-life, I can be able to rewind those times that I need to make tough decisions and made the right ones; mute everyone when I need silence and direct myself towards the right path.

Like those RC Cars UK or the remote controlled cars, where you can direct them to the right way, I wish I can do the same with my life. But then, come to think of it, if I have not made those wrong decisions, suffered and shed tears from those painful moments and experience those happy times, will I be as strong emotionally as I am right now? Well, I guess not.

In the end, it’s how I faced and fought those challenges bravely that matters. As long as I continue to learn from my mistakes, I will get stronger and stronger everyday. This is the beauty of life and I would like to thank God for this beautiful gift.

Thank you, Lord!

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