I Survived The First Week!

I successfully survived the first week (Mon-Fri) of 72-hour duty! Finally, the dreaded first week of duty has come to an end and I’m thankful that everything just turned out just fine and more likely happened as planned.

I can say that my students are gradually adjusting their biological clock because of the scheduled shifts we have and luckily, 5 out of 7 have surpassed the adjustment quite successfully. Two of my students were not feeling well and was absent for a day, but in general, the week was not that dreadful, after all.

Actually, I just arrived home after the 8am to 12 midnight (16 hours) shift and I still have time to go online and do my online “obligations”. Speaking of online obligations, I have to end this now, as I still have some online reviews to do…

Wish me luck for more opps like Claim-s!

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