I Need New Scrubs!

Yes, I really need new pair of scrubs! Actually, I already have several pairs of scrub suits since we started our hospital duty last two years ago and they were the same scrubs I have been using for two years already. Now, that our 3rd batch are starting their internship duty at the hospital, I have to take out my old scrubs again. So, I took time to take them out of the closet and bring them to our new boarding house.

Last Sunday, I took one pair of my scrub suit and started to iron it because that’s what I’ll be using for the first day of our duty the following day. When I was done with the front portion of the scrubs, I turned towards the back and was really surprised to see that part of it was damage due to rats! Oh! I was sort of pissed off that time but I know I can do nothing about it. So I take out the rest of the pairs and was not surprised anymore to see that they, too, have the same damaged. Oh, great!

Anyway, since there’s no way to remedy the problem, I just plan on buying new pairs. I’ll just have to find time to look for scrubs that will fit me and make me feel comfortable. Damn those rats! I really hate them!

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