I Miss Shopping!

It has been quite a while that I have not shopped for myself. Lately, when I go shopping alone or with my family (my husband and my daughter), I end up buying stuffs for them. Usually, I buy toys and clothings for my daughter, who is now 3 1/2 years old and polo shirt for my husband.

Well, I’m not saying that I should be buying things for myself and not for them. I just miss shopping for myself, especially buying a new gadget, which is my weakness. I guess it has been more than a year since I bought a my latest gadget. Hopefully, Ito buy will be able to buy one for myself before this month ends.

Actually, I’m planning to buy a new triple sim cellphone. Not those expensive ones, of course, but durable, user-friendly and most importantly has all the features that I need that can surely fit my lifestyle – my hobby, blogging, traveling and the like. If only I have a prepaid Travel Cashcard that I can carry anywhere and instantly buy that “one”.

Well, I guess, I have to be patient and wait for the right time. I know I need to work “a lot” and sacrifice something to obtain my “desire”… Few more weeks to go…

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