Holidays, Holidays! They’re Everywhere!

I had just posted a while ago about my longing for a grand family holiday, where I wish to spend more time with my family – my husband and my daughter, who is now three years old – and totally enjoy a week-long holiday.

In connection with this, I had just found a long lost friend in Facebook, a social networking site. We had a little chitchat, we updated each other with what’s keeping us busy lately. During the course of our conversation, I ask her, where she’s at as of the moment and she told me that she’s in UK and roaming around at one of the beautiful UK Holiday Parks.

I told her that I badly need a grand holiday vacation now and she told me to do so while teasing me because she keeps on describing the place where she’s at and telling me how good it really feels…

Oh, why do I see “holidays” everywhere now? Is it a sign? I just hope it’s a good sign. Wish me, luck, guys!

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