Happy Mother’s Day, Nanay!

Tomorrow marks another red-letter-day for every mother in the world. No matter how we call them, Nanay, Mother, Mom, Mommy, Mamu, Mama, Mamang and any other special words that you fondly and lovingly call our beloved mother who unconditionally give their undying love and care to us, what matters is that we treasure them and thank them for the day that they allowed us to see the beauty of the world.

Happy Mother's Day

In this special Mother’s Day, we may want to treat our mothers to let them feel how special they are and how thankful we are for all the things that they have instilled and are still instilling in us – the values, the wisdom and other valuable things that are very useful to us as an individual. Some may take their mothers to salon to pamper them, to a family picnic, to a movie, to nature tripping and some more unique and exciting ways to treat our mothers on their special day.

As for me, since I am working away from my mom, I will just call her and text her to greet her and express my gratitude for all the support, love and care that she has given me and still giving me, now that I am also a mother, myself. I just remembered how we sometimes celebrate Mother’s Day together. We just stayed at home, prepare special food and drink some wine.

Speaking of wines, while I was surfing the net earlier, I landed at a page where I saw mixed wine cases. Ah, if only Nanay is here, I will surely buy some for her and celebrate her special day…

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