First Day of RadTech Students’ Internship

Today marked a memorable day for my 3rd batch of Radiologic Excited for dutyTechnology students as this is the first day of their internship duty at the hospital, where they have experienced the real hospital setting and observed how the professional RadTechs do their jobs in the hospital. They woke up early and excitedly prepared for their first day.

Everything turned out just fine and I can say that they have really learned a lot today from doing the actual x-ray examinations to the patients, logging the patient’s name in the computer, processing the film in the darkroom, entertaining the patients who are scheduled to get their official x-ray result and other important protocols of the hospital that they should be aware of. They likewise did some reception furniture cleaning! They also got along well with the RadTechs on Duty today.

As for me, I’m glad that I was able to perform my duty today as their Clinical Instructor although I’m still having a runny nose. Well, I just hope that I will get well soon…

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