Downloading Free Movies

I am now addicted to downloading free movies online and I am even leaving my computer turned on even if I’m away for work because it’s downloading a movie or two. Actually, I have been doing this before but just sort of refrained from doing so lately because I travel quite a lot and I can’t go online always.

Also, my signal is not that great when I’m away from home because I’m just using a Globe Tattoo Broadband USB stick. With this, downloading average online movies can take up to 5-8 hours. Since this is the case, I am just contented of watching free shows online, instead of downloading it.

Now, I am “obsessed” with detective-type stories involving psychopaths and similar movie themes, like The Game, Se7en, Absolute Power and The Pelican Brief, among others. Needless to say, I’m downloading bunch of these types of movies. But there is one minor problem, I need to find time to watch each one with full attention.

Well, I just hope that I can start watching them sooner…


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