Done With The Pelican Brief Novel

Yes, finally, I was able to finish reading the 436-page novel, The Pelican Brief by John Grisham and I was really awed by how he was able to put those pieces together and came up with an exciting and page-turning ending.

Until now, I still can’t take the story out of my head that I am planning to watch the movie, The Pelican Brief, which was obviously based on the novel with the same title. Maybe after I post this, I will watch the movie where Julia Roberts, one of my favorite Hollywood actresses, played the role of Darby Shaw, the important character of the story. Honestly, I am excited too see how well the movie presents each character and the scenes. I am also intrigued of how Khamel (the assassin) was killed in one of the boats for sale or for rent, I think.

Well, I guess I have to end it here so that I can watch the movie. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting a review after.

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