Dealing With My Weight Loss Problem

I have been dealing with my weight loss problem ever since. Because of my huge figure, I have never tried to do things that only average-built women can do, like wearing a sexy lingerie. Anyway, before, many speculations have emerged as to why I grew this “big”. Some of my relatives have said that maybe I grew this “healthy” because I am the first child in the family (mother side) and my grandmother has pampered me too well, some theorized that it is in our “blood”, which actually means “genes”, while others commented that maybe it was due to the evaporated milk that they fed me, I’m bottle-fed because both my parents had to work when I was “little”. The theories are countless.

It was just during my college days that I have become aware of the real reason why I’m becoming a little bit overweight no matter how hard I try to loose extra pounds. Through various medical tests, I found out that I have a hormonal imbalance and that I need to take some hormonal pills to produce some of my hormones in proportion, but still it can’t guarantee me a sort of sexy body.

Speaking of sexy body, just like any other woman, I also dream of wearing a sexy lingerie (as I have mentioned earlier) in some “special occasions”. Every time I see someone wearing one, I envy them and wish I can wear something like that some time in my life. It is just a wishful thinking that I know will always be a dream. But hey! I still enjoy my life. I know how to find ways to make the most out of it! I just tell myself that I don’t need a voluptuous figure to wear sexy lingerie, after all, sexiness, for me, is all in the mind, right?

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