Considering A New Teaching Job Offer from Other Place

Due to some problems or issues, or so I think, I am experiencing and expected to experience regarding my present status with my current job, I am seriously considering a new teaching job offered to me by some other schools (take note: schoolS). They are offering me a much better pay and a way better position. I am actually tempted to say “yes” immediately but I am still considering some important factors.

The first and very important factor that I consider are my students. Actually, they are the reason why until now, I am still stuck with this “ungrateful” people. I am always concerned with their (students) welfare and future that I can’t bear to see them be greatly affected if I left. Oh, I really want to blurt so many nasty adjectives here but I have to keep it to myself, as of the moment.

Anyway, I’m just leaving it all to our good Lord and I know He will always lead me to the right path and I am prepared to whatever it is that He has in store for me. Who knows? I might be lucky enough to find something like teaching jobs london. Maybe, there is something better waiting for me out there and all I need is just to be very very patient. And I promise, I will.

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