Celebrating Dog Friendly Holidays

My husband is an animal lover. He likes to adopt dogs or cats, feed them and sometimes cuddle them. As for me, I am his opposite. Although I really don’t hate these domestic animals, I don’t like them either. Maybe because of what had happened to me and my aunt before that lost my aunt’s life – which is due to these domestic animals.

I’m talking about Diphtheria, which is an upper respiratory tract illness caused by Corynebacterium diphtheriae, which can sometimes be carried by the furs of dogs and/or cats. My aunt died of this condition and years later, I suffered from it, too, that I was about to die, too. Luckily, I was brought to the hospital as soon as possible and medical attention was given to me immediately.

Anyway, since my husband loves them, we have a dog and a cat, but they don’t stay with us inside the house because my daughter is still too young to play with them. Outside, my husband feeds them religiously and really takes care of them as if they are his children. And during those dog friendly holidays, he makes extra effort to let his pets feels so special.

I am happy for him and I am not against of what he is doing. I support him actually, it’s just that I think I have a sort of phobia with the diphtheria thing.

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