Blogging And Doing Online Tasks Under The Mango Tree

Yes, here I am again. After a week of hospital duty, I was able to blogging under the mango treego home early morning yesterday and spend quality time with my husband and my 3-year old daughter. I even posted “Glad to be home and being taken care of” status in my Facebook account because once again, I am able to eat on time and most especially, get a whole body massage, for free!

Today, here I am, sitting under the mango tree, enjoying the cool breeze brought by the shade of the mango tree and other fruit-bearing trees surrounding me. I am even tempted to sleep because I felt like a baby put into sleep by the gentle breeze. But hey! I have to fight against my urge to doze off because I need to finish some online tasks, accomplish some posts and update my blogs as part of my blogging “business”, as well as make some banners to post into my blogs.

Oh, if only I can stay this way forever but I know I can’t. I still have to pack my things again later and endure the 2-3 hours travel time from here to the place where I need to work for a week again…

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