Back to Being A Ghost Writer

The highest earnings I have since I started blogging comes from Ghost Writer For Hiremy being a Ghost Writer. Aside from bringing me a little bit higher earnings compare to my other online opportunities, like Google Adsense and product reviews, I am paid instantly the moment I submit my work.

Since I was not always available online for the past six months, I guess, I missed a lot of ghost writing opportunities, which resulted to a great decline in my online earnings.

Anyway, since I am emotionally, physically and mentally prepared to get back to “work”, I have decided to be back online for good and ready to take any task assigned to me and accomplish them “on time”.

Actually, I have already received several tasks and have already accomplished them in no time. I also made some improvements in two of my major blogs that are now starting to improve their adsense rate…

I just hope that everything will turn out just fine as the day goes by and I need to work hard for the hpseo



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