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I now appreciate what others always say – “The bigger your income, the bigger your expenses”. I’m not saying that I earn a lot, what I mean is that now that I’m earning a little more than what I have when I first started working, I suddenly realized that I started to become a little bit of an “impulsive buyer” and that I seem to forget to check my “balance”.

Anyway, since this scene is now slowly becoming a “regular”, I am thinking of being serious with putting up my own little business. Actually, I have other “sidelines” when I’m not at work to earn extra income to support my sort of “crazy” vice – buying techie stuffs. Now, I am starting to think of like a create your own t-shirt type of business.

Since, I am also into personalized kind of stuff, I guess Shirt Printing business is for me. Aside from being able to personalized my own shirt, it can add extra income for me plus the fact that I love this nature of business!

I just hope it will push through sooner than later…

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  • good luck with your business. i’m also planning to put up that kind of business, designing and printing, and then selling them online

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