Love and Other Drugs

The other day, I spent my time watching movies in my laptop, since we don’t have a television here in our boarding house. Actually, my daughter and I did a movie marathon. I think we’ve spent more than six (6) hours watching several movies.

When my daughter fell asleep, I decided to quit watching the Legend of the Secret Pass, a 3D animated movie, instead, I watched Love and Other Drugs, which starred one of my favorite Hollywood actresses, Anne Hathaway with the hunk, Jake Gyllenhaal. The story is about Jamie and Maggie who accidentally met.

Jamie (Jake) was a medical representative selling Zoloft instead of Prozac. “Jamie dallies with the manager’s wife and loses his job selling electronics. He takes his smile to Pfizer, becoming a drug rep in Pittsburgh. While trying to convince an internist to prescribe Zoloft instead of Prozac, Jamie meets Maggie, whose wit and energetic sex without attachment match his feckless charm. Early-onset Parkinson’s adds to her mistrust of attachments. Jamie starts to fall for her about the time Viagra hits the market and makes him a sales superstar. When he becomes her knight errant in quest of a cure, she makes it clear that pity, entangling alliances, and being defined by her disease are off the table.”

Anyway, after watching the movie, I wondered if somebody thought of filing a prozac lawsuit or some sort of…Well, if you’re wondering why, then, you must watch the movie then…

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