I Love Summer Vacation!

At last, summer vacation is here once again. I admit, I was kind of against vacation because it means no “income”, but come to think of it, this summer vacations means that I can rest from traveling back and fort, and most importantly, spend time, quality time, that is, with my husband and of course, my daughter, Baby Tyke.

What I also love being with my family is that I get to eat “quality” food because my husband loves to cook and I love his cooking, too! Also, with him around, I get to live like a “princess” (as long as he is not drunk). He serves me like a “real servant” should.

Anyway, there was this one time, that was dinner, actually it was our 15th anniversary together, where he surprised me with his delectable cooking and served them in a classy Dinnerware. I was really surprised and touched of what he has done and the rest is….history…

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