Change of Plan Made Me Cry

I can cry easily but I am already on my way to mastering the techniques on how to control my emotions and play “unattached” or “unaffected” by the events or people around me. But then, heart warming movies can really make me cry non-stop…

I’ve experienced it before that I am crying non-stop to a movie that I really don’t know how to refrain from doing so. As far as I can remember, the last movie I cried with was of Adam Sandler, CLICK. It was really touching and, I think, can make anyone cry no matter how tough they seem.

Earlier this evening, I watched the movie “CHANGE OF PLAN”, honestly I didn’t recognize a single actor or actress in the movie, but it doesn’t really matter. When I’m starting to reach the last few minutes of the movie until the ending, I can’t help it but cry…Good thing I’m watching it alone from my cellphone and that nobody saw me on that “stupid-looking” situation.

Well, to give you a little background of the movie, CHANGE OF PLAN was about a couple who have no children but they were living happily together and enjoying their life and career individually because they are very supportive of each other. After a break from work, they both decided to go on a vacation but then when they are packing their things, they received a news that the wife’s best friend has just died and she’s leaving her an “inheritance” – her 4 kids, whom her best friend has adopted from four different places. The story evolved on how the couple manage to deal with the turn of events and how their lives change because of the CHANGE OF PLAN…

I guess, you have to try to watch it if you’re into this type of movie and I suggest you watch it with a friend or two who share the same “passion.”

Just a wishful thinking: I just hope that I can take a really grand vacation somewhere out of town, maybe out of the country(?!) and avail a Paris Accommodation.

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