Baby Tyke is Growing So Fast

My daughter, Baby Tyke, is now three years old and a half and she was growing so fast right under my nose that I haven’t really noticed. Sometimes, I’ll just be surprised of how she constructs her sentences, not words, when talking to us, and when “talking back” to us. She has reasons for everything that sometimes we get irritated by the way she talks back.

Most of the time, we just bear in mind that she talks back and reasons because she’s a bright child, because if not, then she’ll be just timid and shy away when being scolded, right? hehehe…

Last week, I saw her write the first two letters of her name (on her own), I thought she was just doodling, as usual, but when I happen to had a glance, I was really amazed…Then yesterday, another amazing event occurred when she saw me playing Plants vs Zombies on my laptop and then after a while, she asked me if she can play. I taught her how to play and hold the mouse and presto! she’s now into it… You can watch her video playing here:
Baby Tyke vs Plants vs Zombies

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