Another Year Older, Thank You, Lord!

Last week, I celebrated my birthday and I thank God for blessing me another year that means another year of wisdom and also be a blessing to everyone around me.

Actually, I haven’t planned anything on my birthday because I know that on that exact date, I will be spending my time travelling from Iloilo City to Kabankalan City, (approximately 5 hours travel time) to work and attend my sister’s culminating activity at the same time. For me, it was just another ordinary day that will come and go.

What made me happy was the numerous greetings I received from family and friends, who, most of them, I didn’t expect to remember that “day”. I also received a lot of wall posts on my Facebook account greeting me and wishing me good things and to show my appreciation, I did not attempt to respond and send a general message or the so-called “sent to all” message. Instead, I replied to them individually and even started to spark a conversation on some.

Come the day after the next, I was surprised by the gestures that my 2nd year students showed to me. Although I was some sort of expecting it, still I was surprised because I didn’t have the slightest idea of how they are going to “express” it. I even posted the photos in my Facebook account, which I’ve taken during the said “celebration”.

The celebration did not just end there. The following day, my 3rd year students and I spend some time together “over night” at one of the famous resorts in the city, the Balicaocao Highland Resort, where the photos are also posted in my Facebook account.

Some may think that those are simple gestures but for me it’s a “big deal” and that I appreciate them very much. I suddenly felt that I’m lucky being a teacher surrounded by these thoughtful students, who know how to make me smile…

I would like to thank everyone for making my “day” (you know who you are, guys) and also a BIG thanks to our dear LORD for granting me another year to live, learn and enjoy life…

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