The Benefit of Social Media

I have been in Facebook since 2008, I also have accounts on other social media like Friendster and MySpace not to mention my accounts in Youtube and numerous online sites. Before Facebook has its own share, I was once an active member of Friendster, where I get a chance to be reconnected with my long lost friends and relatives and be updated with each again once more.

And speaking of Facebook, I just had a chance chatting with one of my closest friend, which happened to be working in France for already three years now. She is working as a guest relations officer in one of the Holiday villas in France and told me that she really enjoys her work there. She also added that she also had the chance to meet some stars and politicians from Hollywood, who were having their vacation at their villas.

We also talked about other things such as reminiscing the past, looking back at the times we were together and promised each other that we will be going to spend sometime once again when she goes home later this year.

Social Media, like Facebook, gives me a lot of benefits and I hope this site will continue to serve millions of people around the world, definitely for FREE!

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