Health is Wealth

Health is truly a wealth that should be taken care of and should never be taken for granted. Talking about good health, I just noticed that I have become sickly lately and that I suffer from flu and colds every now and then or every change of the weather. I guess I need to take my daily vitamins once again and avoid things that can cause so much stress to me.

Since I have learned that as a person born under the year of the monkey, I will have a good health this year of the metal rabbit, I think I should spend sometime to evaluate myself, especially on the “health side” and see what I can further do to keep me more healthy. I need to be always healthy for my family, especially for my daughter.

Well, as for my daughter, although she seldom gets sick, I still have to make sure that she’s getting all the nutrients that she has to now that she’s growing so fast not to mention actively. I always see to it that she gets the right amount of Vit. A, B-complex, Vit. C and calcium and other important vitamins.

Speaking of calcium, I just remembered that my mom is in her menopausal stage now and I am afraid that she will suffer from osteoporosis sooner or later. I think she has to try fosamax, but then I’ve read some information that there is fosamax lawsuit due to the claimed side effects of this drug.

Anyway, there are many alternatives available right now, so it’s up for us to be vigilant and be very careful on what we take in…

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