Wanted: Vacation Galore!

Last December, 2010, I felt lucky to once again spend sometime at Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Although it is not really a vacation, because I was there to attend a convention for 3 days, still I managed to enjoy my stay, together with my students.

We roamed around the city and visited some tourist spots that the place is known for, like the Strawberry Farm, the PMA, Camp John Hay, and other interesting places. We also enjoyed the boat ride on our first day! Ah, that was just like yesterday. We even wished that those times will never end.

Despite that sort of vacation, I still feel that I wanted to pack my things right away and enjoy another week-long vacation. Christmas holiday seemed not enough for me that European holidays still entice me and make me want to grab my things immediately.

After all that I have been through these past four (4) months, unwinding is a MUST…If only I can…

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