Remote-Controlled Life

Adam Sandler is one of my favorite Hollywood actors. Aside from his superb talent in acting, I also admire the storyline of the movies where he is the main character. I just remembered his movie “Click”, a heartwarming movie that made me cry non-stop. I just can’t control the tears that keep on falling especially on the last part of the movie.

Well, for those who haven’t seen the movie, the story is about a family man who was always annoyed by the presence of numerous remote controls displayed on their table because whenever he needed to turn on or off the TV, he picked up the wrong remote control and opened the gate instead. Similar things happened like that everyday of his life.

One day, while he was searching for a universal remote control, he accidentally found one that changed his life “Big Time”. He was surprised to discover that the remote can also control things that he wants to: if he wants to mute his wife, he can; if he wants to fast forward a boring family get-together dinner, he can! And you can just imaging similar things to happen.

He was contented with the turn of the events and he was happy about it until later he realized that he missed a lot of things in his life because he got fond of “fast forwarding” the events that he noticed that his children are already grown ups, his wife had already left him for a new one, his father died and the list goes on. What bothered him so much is the fact that he had no idea why such things happened and how they happened because he skipped those “important scenes” of his life.

Anyway, as we live in this modern life with sophisticated technology surrounding us, we just wish that we can have a universal remote control that we can press the buttons anytime if we want something to happen. Take for example the Nitro Remote Control Helicopters that are now fondly played by the “Big Boys”.

Remote-controlled life has its own pros and cons and it’s up for us to balance the things and the events that happen to us everyday to make us a better and stronger person.

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