Hoping for The Best in New Life

I have been away online for more than months now because I have to attend to some problems regarding my personal offline life. Luckily, if I’m not wrong, everything is now slowly getting better, though slowly but at least it is getting better as the day passes by.

I am also quietly expecting and hoping for the best things to happen in my “New Life” sooner. I just wish that past will not continue to keep coming back and ruin my peace of mind that is starting to make its “slow” presence. Just like venetian blinds, I hope that if time will sometime shift its course, I can easily shut the bad past and keep my “eyes” off from seeing them.

Real “New Life” is what gives me hope and inspires me to wake up each day. Hopefully, things will work out just fine as planned…

About the Author:

Praning5254 is an insomniac who started blogging since 2008. She is an educator and a Clinical Instructor offline, who has the passion for gadgets and other technology-related stuffs. Online, she maintains several blogs of various niches, which depicts her passion for technology, health, food, movies, books and other interesting stuffs.

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