The Best Way To Reminisce

Keeping memories, good memories,that is. is what I always wanted to do. Reminiscing the past is one of habits that I enjoy doing especially when I am bored and just want to think of something happy and smile and grin and laugh….alone.

Memories of special occasions (which we seldom celebrate), like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and the like, makes me feel good when I look back at those times that we did some celebration. Though not that grandiose, get-together and having some fun on those special days are worth remembering.

When digital cameras and video cams are available, I always see to it that I take pictures on those red-letter-days. Before I used to put those pictures in the photo albums, but when social networking sites, like Facebook and Friendster, I don’t bother printing those pictures anymore…I just upload them online for others to see; of course, sharing those pictures with my friends and family is more easy and fast.

I think this is the best way to reminisce, going online and seeing those memorable pictures, with some comments from friends!

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