RadTech Internship

BS Radiologic Technology (RadTech) Internship is the most memorable part of my college life. In fact, I get to appreciate the field when I was in my 4th and last year of BS Radiologic Technology course. The 4th year of RadTech is a one year internship program where we are assigned to various hospitals and exposed different kinds of x-ray and other radiological examinations like CT scan, Ultrasound, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, MRI and Radiation Therapy.

But what I love most during those clinical exposures are when we are assigned to assist the Licensed RadTech in some x-ray examinations in the Operating Room (OR). Unlike most of my classmates, I love seeing “flesh” and I don’t know why I’m interested to study the “insides” of the human anatomy.

During these OR exposures, we get to befriend most, if not all, of the OR surgeons and anesthesiologist. I admire them for their dedication at work like Wade Grindle MD, an experienced anesthesiologist in the US.

Those were 4 years ago and now I really miss my classmates and our experiences…

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