PS3 Update 3.50 Supports 3D Blu Ray, Facebook

The long wait is over at last, for Sony has released the new updated firmware version of PS3 v.3.50. This is a promising innovation from Sony PS3 as this verrsion 3.50 is able to support 3D Blu Ray Technology and Facebook integration is finally available.

PS3 firmware

The new Sony firmware update v3.50 for PlayStation 3 gaming console is now for everyone. In the meantime, only those who can afford a Stereoscopic 3D, surround system which can be better enjoyed using a headset and other DJ Equipments supporting displays for their living room are able to enjoy this new firmware update.

Also, a limited content is initially available on 3D Blu-ray discs. Facebook Integration is thought to allow developers to include Facebook Connect feature in PlayStation 3 games.

New Grief Reporting system that comes with v3.50 update will allow users to send reports directly from the XMB interface of the console.

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