Making Both Ends Meet

It is really hard to make both ends meet with this kind of economy here in the country. If I only depend on my salary as a full time college faculty, it will never be enough to fee my family, especially that my daughter, Baby Tyke, is growing up fast and needs all the tender, love and care that she deserves.

Since I want her to feel special and loved, I see to it that I can give her everything that she needs, from clothing, food, vitamins and other stuffs that I think her body and mind needs for her to grow up healthy and smart.

In line with this, since being employed is not enough, I find several ways to earn extra income through writing research/thesis for others, ghost writing, blogging, selling online and other means that can generate income. To help me come up with various business ideas that can give me tips on how to better and effectively promote my products I read Business Articles if I have a spare time.

I need to be busy all the time, busy with things where I can earn extra income. I don’t want to have an idle time and just sit there without nothing to do..Time for me is precious.

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