Lady Gaga’s Infamous Meat Dress

I was not able to watch the live telecast of the 2010 MTV Music VideoLady Gaga Meat Dress Awards (VMA) but I just happened to watch it later from the videos embedded in various sites online. Also, I have read about the event,especially the most talked about happenings during the awards night.

Lady Gaga was one the most talked about celebrity during the 2010 MTV VMA not just because she won the Video of the Year Award, but mostly because of her infamous meat dress, yes! as in dress made from real Meat! According to news, majority, if not all of the people who attended the event were surprised of her “fashion statement” on that night.

Though Lady Gaga is already known for her odd fashion style, she still continues to amaze people every time she’s on stage. And who would’ve thought of this kind of fashion? I mean, meat suit?! Though it has been reported that her meat outfit was neither stinking nor dripping, still it looks “flesh”, especially the flesh from her behind (please see picture).

Lady Gaga Meat Dress Close Up

I’m one of Lady Gaga‘s millions of fans and what can I say? She really rocks!

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  • I think everybody should disrupt fretful lady gaga´s meat ready and vantage harassment about grouping malnourished…

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