Tutorial On How To Unlock Globe Tattoo Modem

Many have been asking me on how did I unlock my globe tattoo and made it “open line” that I can now insert any sim (globe, smart, talk and text, touch mobile and sun) on it and can still access the internet with any of these communication systems.

Since I am not able to respond to the queries and requests on how did I unlock my globe tattoo modem, I am now posting this tutorial for you to do it all by yourselves. Take note that you do this at your own risk.

Here are the steps:

If You Run Vista Do Not Try It, Only XP
Make sure no simcard is inserted in the dongle.
Plug it into the back of PC! As usb hubs and front ports can sometimes cause issues.
If not already done so allow modem to install drivers.

Let XP say “Device is installed & ready for use” Go to Start\Control Panel\System\Device Manager\ Make sure dongle is installed with drivers.
Download and extract the file: ZTE MF627 Unlocker

Run Flash Updater, when it has found device the download button will become active.
Click Download and leave it to flash, Mine took 18 minutes.
Do not unplug or use PC or you may break your dongle!
When it has finished it will tell you!

Unplug it & put in your Vodafone/T-mobile/Orange or O2 Sim or whatever.
Run the auto run file and install Telstra connection manager, make sure there is no other connection manager installed, if there is then uninstall first.

Depending on your type of sim you need to add the right config file for your provider.
Search Google for the right APN etc for whatever type of sim you have.
For an O2 sim on a contract it was-
Click settings, Click Add, Config Name = O2Dial Number= *99#user = fasterpass= password APN= DNS servers= DNS servers= I left the rest default and set the O2 config as the default provider.

Good Luck!


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  • i downloaded the but when i run the flash updater nothings happen? what should i do? i do not see anything progress bar or something looks like reading my dongle?????

  • will this procedure work with windows 7 starter? thanks!

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