Sharing Our God-Given Talents

Last Sunday, August 1, 2010, my hubby, baby Tyke and I, decided to visit mom at Iloilo City since I haven’t seen her for about 2 months now.

Anyway, during our chitchat, she excitedly announced that RadTechs of IDC won the dance competition during the IDC 2010 Acquaintance Party. Since I am one of the IDC RadTech Alumni, I was so proud and happy and ecstatic, at the same time.

What really made me extraordinarily happy about the news was that, the RadTech dance group representative who won the contest was choreographed by my brother – he joined the group, too.

I’m really so proud of him. I also rememberedthe that during my college days, I used to join the department’s dance contest and our group won the grand slam award – for winning the contest for 3 consecutive years! As for my sister, she used to join dance contest but not that active as I was and my brother, who started dancing since time immemorial…lol… Ah, maybe, it runs in the blood (eeerrr….in the genes I mean), since both my parents are active dancers, too during their prime years…

Anyway, below is an amateur video of the part of the dance number (which made them victorious). Please bear with the quality of the video…My brother is the one wearing blue jersey-type shirt..

Ah, it’s really a good feeling to share our God-given talents to others…

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