Kabankalan City Charter Day Celebration

I should have posted this last week but I just feel like hibernating for a while…Anyway, now I’m posting! ^_^

Last August 2, 2010, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental (where I am working) celebrated their Charter Day; although I was not there during that day, my family (hubby, Baby Tyke) and I had the time to roam around their plaza days before the actual celebration (since it’s a long-week celebration).

As usual, almost all barangays of this component city show off their specially and uniquely designed “bahay kubo” where they displayed their products, which are for sale, by the way, the “bahay kubo” are also for sale, just like their agricultural products and other souvenir items that are truly made from their respective place. Every year, the most beautiful and unique bahay kubo is declared as the winner with the corresponding prize from their local governments.

This Charter Day Celebration is like a fiesta in the barangay, where people tend to prepare something for their visitors. There are food everywhere, some are free, while others are not…lol.

Anyway, my daughter really enjoyed it because it is her first time to ride a horse (P20.00/lap). Take note, the horse is not running (just like in race or whatsoever), it just walked around guided by the owner (of the horse).

Below are some of the “bahay kubos” that I managed to have a picture of and some “photoshoots”…lol

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