Justin Bieber Hates Koreans?

The “everybody’s favorite”, Justin Bieber is now in the spotlight once again when a news about him hating Koreans virally spread over the internet.

Justin Bieber

Few months back, we have heard over the news that Justin Bieber loves to search for his name over the internet and know what his fans say about him. The information that he can gather from these is used for scheduling places to visit for Justin Bieber’s My World Tour.

Bieber is just sweet when it comes to his fans, so that the report ” he hate Koreans” is just absurd. The racist rumors about Bieber surfaced today after a gazillion pranksters voted North Korea in the poll, suggesting that the singer was very much wanted to perform there. North Korea made a huge jump from 24th place to first place in a matter of hours. 4Chan was identified as one of the pranksters.(http://www.thedailyinquirer.net/justin-bieber-hates-koreans-will-not-tour-korea/0717310)

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  • Justin Bieber is quite talented at a very young age, he sings good too ,.-

  • Justin Bieber and Charice are two of my favorite teen singers these days, they are really talented singers “

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