Fun Time With My Family

After being so busy with the preparations for our Midyear Convention until the actual convention last July 1-2, 2010, I decided to spend some fun quality time with my hubby and my Baby Tyke last Saturday, together with my sister.

We went to Robinson’s Bacolod, had some snacks at the food court, roam around and actually decided to go home as I still feel very sleepy and tired; but then my daughter keeps on running around until she found the World of Fun (WOF) area where she didn’t want to go leave.

I decided to indulged her and also thought that maybe it’s a good time to release the stress while enjoying various interactive games and the like… My husband and Baby Tyke, enjoyed the Bump Car, the carousel, riding the trucks and the animals, while my sister and I, enjoyed playing some interactive games that are mind-stimulating but fun, as well.

Needless to say, it’s a good stress-reliever for me, while spending some fun time with my family. Below are the pictures we managed to have during our bonding time.

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