Time To Share Some Blessings…

Now, I’m a believer of this saying:

“When it rains, it pours”

Today accidentally leads to some sort of sharing some blessings, as well as pampering myself, especially my long overdue problem with my eyes (which I found out to be “dry”) and my hormonal imbalance.

Anyway, I bought something for each of my family members – toys for my Baby Tyke, shirt and sandals for my hubby, a dress for my mom, bags for my sister-in-law and my nephew, raincoat for my niece, milk for my granny (who raised me as “healthy” as I am right now…lol) and some for myself.

Since I’ve been suffering from unwanted “crying” whenever I spend long hours of working online (in front of my notebook) and even during watching TV, I decided to seek medical advice. The ophthalmologist informed me that both my eyes are perfectly fine and does not need any graded eyeglasses but a specially coated eyeglasses to protect my eyes from radiation coming from computers and TV set, as well as, from UV rays. Though, I was surprised with the cost of the glasses, I just think of the benefits…lol

I also bought some multivitamins today (I’ve been neglecting this need for a long period of time already) and hormonal pills…

I’m not sure why I wanted to blog about this day, but one thing I’m sure…I’m just so overwhelmed with the “blessings” and it made me feel great to share them…

Thanks God!


Photos will follow later…^_^

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